Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Waiting for Snow..

Thursday, December 1, 2016

With the damp and windy forecast it just does not look like a good bike day. The salted and sanded roads are not great for the shiny parts. So, no bike, and no XC Ski either. That 'tweener season...

Stay tuned for next week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brownfield ride with Adventure Option...10:00 am

Thursday November 17th, 2016

This warmer than average November weather is allowing for consistently enjoyable ThursdayBiking!!

I would like to take advantage of this weather and offer a ride that would be new, different and an adventure (meaning there might be some walking involved....)

There are 2 options, for either one, meet at the Maine Visitor's Center in Fryeburg (just over the border on Route 302) at 10:00 am, ready to ride.

Option #1: The Traditional One:

This is the Brownfield Loop, up Haleytown then left into Brownfield, turn right onto Pig, then off to Sam Brown's Hill.  This is 23 miles.

Option #2: The Adventure:

This is a favorite loop that I enjoy, however it includes some dirt roads along with pavement, so it adds some adventure. It is a very fun, scenic loop!

It starts out just as described above...Haleytown to Brownfield, then instead of turing back onto Pig Street at the Route 5 intersection, this ride continues across Route 5, across the Saco River, out on Lord's Hill Road where we take a LEFT at the end (typically we take a right here and ride up those hills back to Route 160). This left turn winds us around and then turns to dirt roads that are typically solid -- cars use them. The route ends up on Denmark Road that eventually crosses Route 302 and heads over the Hemlock Covered Bridge. There might be some softer dirt here in spots, might need to walk the bike a bit. It is sunny there alongside the farm fields.

We ride alongside the Old Saco River, down Frog Alley, (paved) then cross Route 5 and back onto a dirt road (River Road) alongside the turf fields and end up in North Fryeburg on MacNeil Road. Ride back to the Visitors Center on pavement. A 36 mile loop. Once done with Haleytown Road and Lord's Hill Road, the route (particularly the dirt part) is Fryeburg-Farm-Fields-FLAT.

Here is the map, note that for this Thursday's ride I eliminated the part that includes the bike path and the airport area dirt roads to accommodate riders that do not want any dirt:

If you have a bike that has a bit wider tires or cyclocross tires, or a hybrid for this loop you will likely enjoy it more. A mountain bike could work but might be sluggish on the pavement, pump the tires up more.

Option #3:

Ride out to Lord's Hill Road with the dirt road rider(s), then turn back the minute you see the dirt road looming up ahead, adds 7 miles.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Autumn Fields of North Fyreburg, 10:00 am

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Looks like a sunny day this Thursday with high temps in the upper 40's. Not bad for November!! A casual ride in the fields of North Fryeburg in the sunshine should be good!

Start 10:00 am, ready to ride, next to the North Fryeburg Fire Station at the corner of Route 113 and South Chatham Road.  The ride will check out the autumn status of the cornfields and turf farms, the horses, sheep, cows and chickens, the winterberries in the wetlands and the nice views of the mountains.  The route heads to MacNeil via Harbor, then Fish to Rt 5 to Cornshop, then back to Fish via 113, and MacNeil, then Union Hill, Meadow, the Stow Store. 

Basic ride to Stow Store: 23 miles. Add the Chatham Loop: 30 miles total. 

How about a hike on Monday, Nov 14th? 
Come celebrate the ribbon cutting of the new xc ski trails at Jackson Ski Touring at 10:00 am, Rocky Branch Parking Lot off of Route 16, just north of the old Dana Place Inn. Afterwards walk with me from the Rocky Branch all the way back to Jackson via old and new trails (new Kellogg, Hall, new Hall-Maple Connector, new Keeney Trail, then back from Grey's Field via Ellis) for a 9 mile walk. There will be muddy areas, the footing is good except for some rocky spots on the North Hall). Bring hiking boots, lunch and water. 
Meet me at the parking area across the street from the J-Town Deli in Jackson Village at 9:40 for carpooling/car shuttle.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Looks Like Rain on Thursday

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Looks like a washout for ThursdayBike this week. I am not sad because we really need this rain.

Overall, we have had an amazing season of ThursdayBike so far, hardly any cancellations due to weather!  According to my records, I see only 3 cancellations: March 23, April 5, May 4!! We have ridden every Thursday since May 12th!! Amazing success!! 5.5 months of ThursdayBike!!

As November and December roll in, cancellations are not unexpected, and a good bike day is considered a treat!

I will continue to post Thursday rides as the weather permits. Keep checking. If there is an exceptionally good day forecasted, even if it is not a Thursday, I might post a ride just to enjoy the weather and get in some more miles before the skis come out.

Once the snow falls, check this blog for ThursdaySKI!  (XC Ski adventures in the MWV and beyond)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Explore the NEW Jackson Ski Touring Mountain Bike (or walk!) 10:00 am

Thursday October 27th, 2016

It looks like a better day for hiking and mountain biking than to be on the road. High temps in the low 40's. clouding up as the day goes on and some rain/snow coming in the afternoon.

Let's try something different...

Jackson Ski Touring has a few new trails and new bridges in the Ellis-Hall area. Let's head out on mountain bikes to check out some of the new stuff!  There may be some walking involved, so wear shoes that you can walk in also.

Meet in the parking lot across from the J-Town Deli ready to ride at 10:00 am.

We will then head out onto Green Hill Road, turning right into the Ellis River Trail. We will ride the 2 deluxe new bridges located on the Ellis, one before and one after the Cocoa Cabin. We can ride up to Grey's Field and up the Wifferdil, up the Hall to the Scenic Vista and down the new Kinney Trail. Some walk-a-bike might be required to get up some of the steeper spots or through softer areas that we do not want to rut up.

With temperatures in the low 40's, it will be a warm day on the trail as compared to when we ski here in mid-winter. The trees will provide a good wind block.

Bring a snack. We will get out of there before any precipitation, maybe head to the J-Town for a hot cuppa afterwards.

You are welcome to come even you don't have a mountain bike - walking is OK, too! I have a plan for hikers to meet riders up on the Hall at the Scenic Vista (site of the new Kinney trailhead!). For sure I will be walking with you up that hill on the Hall!
After meeting everyone at the J-Town at 10:00, hikers can carpool up and park at the Hall Trailhead gate at the top of Green Hill Road. You can meet the bikers on the Kinney Trail and walk back downhill to the Ellis. I will drive you back up to your cars at the end of the adventure.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Let's try: West Side Road, Passaconaway and Rocky Gorge 10:00 am

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Looks like a ride tomorrow might be possible..... Half of the weather forecasts indicate a good ride before the rain, the other half show on and off showers starting in the morning. I am going to go on the optimistic side and set up a ride. Look out the window in the morning, listen to the forecast and decide whether to head out or not!! Don't come if there is wet roads, wet leaves and drizzle!

Meet at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway at 10:00 am, ready to ride.

We could do West Side Road to Conway Village then up the Kanc. We can go as far up the Kanc as we dare depending on the weather.  Return by Passaconaway Road and West Side Road. This would be about 28 miles. It is easily shortened if the weather turns wet!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Connie's Wednesday Cornish Ride; wait and see for Thursday

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Check back on Wednesday evening for a Thursday ride plan. At present the weather looks a bit wet for Thursday, but I don't trust it and I will post a ride to fit into the weather forecast if possible.

In the mean time, Connie has invited all to join in tomorrow, WEDNESDAY the 19th, to do the Cornish ride in good weather! Here is her information for the ride:

"Wednesday is supposed to be beautiful, and we thought we would do a ride that hasn't been included in the group ride series. This is a 35 mile ride starting in Brownfield at the Community Center and riding through Denmark, down Rt. 117 to Hiram and across the River Road to Cornish. We can stop in the park for lunch. Then we ride out of town on the South Hiram road to Rt 160 back to Brownfield. We should be in Brownfield, ready to ride at 10:00. I don't have an official list, so pass this along to anyone else who may be interested in joining us."

WEDNESDAY:  Brownfield Community Center, 10:00 am, ready to ride!

Thanks Connie!

Check back for a Thursday ride if the weather cooperates!