Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Let's try: West Side Road, Passaconaway and Rocky Gorge 10:00 am

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Looks like a ride tomorrow might be possible..... Half of the weather forecasts indicate a good ride before the rain, the other half show on and off showers starting in the morning. I am going to go on the optimistic side and set up a ride. Look out the window in the morning, listen to the forecast and decide whether to head out or not!! Don't come if there is wet roads, wet leaves and drizzle!

Meet at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway at 10:00 am, ready to ride.

We could do West Side Road to Conway Village then up the Kanc. We can go as far up the Kanc as we dare depending on the weather.  Return by Passaconaway Road and West Side Road. This would be about 28 miles. It is easily shortened if the weather turns wet!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Connie's Wednesday Cornish Ride; wait and see for Thursday

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Check back on Wednesday evening for a Thursday ride plan. At present the weather looks a bit wet for Thursday, but I don't trust it and I will post a ride to fit into the weather forecast if possible.

In the mean time, Connie has invited all to join in tomorrow, WEDNESDAY the 19th, to do the Cornish ride in good weather! Here is her information for the ride:

"Wednesday is supposed to be beautiful, and we thought we would do a ride that hasn't been included in the group ride series. This is a 35 mile ride starting in Brownfield at the Community Center and riding through Denmark, down Rt. 117 to Hiram and across the River Road to Cornish. We can stop in the park for lunch. Then we ride out of town on the South Hiram road to Rt 160 back to Brownfield. We should be in Brownfield, ready to ride at 10:00. I don't have an official list, so pass this along to anyone else who may be interested in joining us."

WEDNESDAY:  Brownfield Community Center, 10:00 am, ready to ride!

Thanks Connie!

Check back for a Thursday ride if the weather cooperates!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Colors in the Jefferson Valley 10:00 am start

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The colors are out, so here is a bike ride that I think provides a great fall foliage panoramas. This is a fall version of The Lupine Ride, with great views of the Presidentials, Wambek and Cherry Mountain. It is an easier ride than most, lots of flat, scenic roads and no big climbing. 
The weather looks good in the north, no morning issues, a mix of clouds and sun, no rain expected until after 5:00 pm. Temps at the start will be low 50's, waring to mid 60's mid day. 

Start time: 10:00 am ready to ride. 

Bring lunch or snacks. we will likely lunch at the general store in Jefferson. 

Meet at the parking lot on the west (Randolph) end of Pinkham B Road at the rail trail crossing. 

Carpool: If you want to carpool, meet at the Jackson Ski Touring/Wentworth Golf Club parking area across from the J-Town Deli at 9:15 am.

Ride length: 28 miles, 34 miles if we add the Jefferson loop. 

Route description: Cross Route 2 over to Durand Road. Ride it all the way up to the end of the dead end and walk the grass path up to Route 2. Ride about 2 miles and take a left onto Valley Road. Ride out Valley to Route 115. Take a left and ride up to the intersection with Cherry Mountain Road (on left) and Route 115A (on right). For something different and more views, take a LEFT onto Cherry Mountain Road. Ride out and back, soak up the views on the flat road, turn back where the road goes uphill. Return to Route 115, cross over it onto Route 115A and ride this out past the railcar home and cemeteries to the dairy farm in the Jefferson Valley. If we want, we can ride up to the general store in Jefferson by either the dirt Whipple Road or up on the nicely paved route 115A. Return to the Israel River valley, Head back by Valley Road then choose either Route 2 or Durand Road for the smiling downhill back to Pinkham B. 

Directions to the start: The start is at the Randolph end of the Pinkham B Road. There is parking right next to where the Presidential Rail Trail crosses Pinkham B, near a public works facility. 

Two ways to drive there:  Dirt road:  Access Pinkham B road from the Dolly Copp Campground/Horton Center entrance off of Route 16. As you drive down the hill on Pinkham B and come out of the woods, where there are 2 houses on the left, the rail trail crosses the road at a public works department building. There is parking on the left side near the rail trail.

If you don't want to drive Pinkham B's dirt and "pavement", drive route 16 to Gorham, follow it left at the intersection towards Berlin and then take a left on Route 2 at the traffic light. Go up the big hill and down the other side. Just as the hill flattens, Pinkham B Road will be on your left. Take the left and drive about 0.5 mile to the parking area on the right next to the rail trail.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Apple Acres Ride 10:00 am start

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Thursday looks like a great day for a bike ride!!

Dave and Connie created this ride a few years ago and everyone loved it!  It should be a beautiful ride this week, especially now with the fall foliage, and it is, of course, apple season!

Start the ride from the Brownfield Community Center, head to Route 160 via Pig Street, turn left on Tripptown Road, left on Durgintown Rd. Stop at Apple Acres for the view, the ice cream and the apples, maybe cider? Continue downhill and turn left on scenic River Rd to Hiram.  Take a right onto Route 117 and ride to the Obelisk in the center of Denmark. Take a left onto Route 160 and head back to the Community Center.

Ready to Ride at 10:00 am.

Distance is about 35 miles. 

Dave and Connie with be the hosts for this ride.

Meet at the Brownfield Community Center, ready to ride at 10:00 am. 

To drive there from the Conway area and avoid any Fryeburg Fair traffic, take Route 302 to Center Conway and take a right onto Mill Street to go by the northeast edge of Conway Lake. Continue into Maine and take a left onto Hampshire. Bear left at the Y junction with Route 160, then the community center will be a short distance on your right. 

Carpool if you like, from the back of Grant's parking lot, 9:00 am. 

For the map, check The ride is called "Apple Acres and Denmark Obelisk Loop".

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Crank Some Crawford: Attitash to the Willey House 10:00 am

Thursday, Sept 29th, 2016

Pardon the late posting!  I returned home from the C&O-GAP yesterday and still in unpacking mode.

A  nice day is forecasted for Thursday...Hopefully is it less damp and dreary than today!

Destination: Lunch at the pond across from the Willey House. Pack your own lunch or snacks. Meet at the Attitash parking lot, ready to ride at 10:00 am.

The ride to the Willey House from Attitash up Route 302 is about 29 miles round trip. It is NOT HARD -- it is easier than Bear Notch Road, a gradual climb with flatter sections of relief. The ride back is marvelous.Those that want to burn some extra calories can continue 2.5 miles up the notch to the Crawford RR station, then return to meet everyone else for lunch at the Willey House.

For a shorter option, start in Bartlett Village (24 miles total). Join the crowd as they ride by at ~ 10:15 at Bartlett Village.

I have house guests arriving on Sunday -- avid cyclists from Colorado who want to enjoy NH's fall foliage. Tom and I know them well from riding cross country with them in 2002 and the Lewis and Clarke ride in 2004. They rode cross country again, on their tandem, this summer. I will be biking with them on Monday and Tuesday, weather permitting. I will post the rides on this site, likely on Sunday, hopefully Thursday Bikers will join in on these rides!  On Monday I might do the Pittsburg ride again, or the Lost Nation Loop or the Grand Hotels Loop. Perhaps the Basin or North Road on Tuesday. Weather will dictate the schedule. Please join in to enjoy the ride and meet Allen and Margaret!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Basin 9:30 am

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

How about Fryeburg Farm Fields and the Basin? Hopefully the weather will be good for you!! Ride as far as you like, many options to choose from.  Check out the former location of the Red Iron Bridge. Check out the new pavement on Union Hill Road (only about a mile, but we'll take it!!) Stop at the Stow Store for lunch or snacks. The spring fields will be green and beautiful!

Meet at the corner of South Chatham Road and Route 113 in North Fryeburg, alongside the park next to the Saco Valley Fire Station. As you already know, please do not block the fire station parking area.

The last quarter mile up to The Basin is a dirt road, and I am not sure of its condition at this point of the season. If it is a wash out, you may want to just use the campground at the entrance as the lunch and/or turnaround spot.

The starting time, ready-to-ride will be 9:30 am.

Doing the ride starting south on 113 with a left on Fish St and left on MacNeil, it will be a 28 mile ride.  Add another 5 miles if you add the Cornshop-Rt 5-Fish Street loop.    


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

West Side Road to Rocky Gorge, 9:00 am

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The weather forecast suggests a good ride tomorrow morning!  There are 7 bikers who are headed south to bike the C&O Canal-GAP route, DC to Pittsburgh, so I am setting up a local ride for those who are remaining here to hold the fort and continue the ThursdayBike riding!!

How about an old favorite local ride, this time to check out if there is any water in the Swift River going through Lower Falls and Rocky Gorge. Bring a snack or lunch to enjoy gorge-side.

Head down West Side Road all the way to Conway Village, then go up the Kanc along the Swift River. Return via Passaconaway, perhaps go into Grandview to explore the new roads and do the loop.

Park in the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway, ready to ride at 9:00 am.

Distance is 32 miles.