Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Wonalancet Loop, 9:00 am start

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The weather looks good for The Wonalancet Loop! Last week we traveled north, let's go south this week. This ride is a ThursdayBike Group favorite that we have not done for awhile. It is very scenic, dripping with New England quaintness. Let's go early to avoid the traffic and enjoy cooler air. 

Distance: 30 miles

Meeting place: Parking lot at McDonald's and Tram Store (old Mt. Whitter ski tram station) located on the east side of the junction of Route 16 and route 25 in West Ossipee.
From Conway, drive south on Route 16 to the traffic light at the 16/25 junction. Go straight at the light, then turn left into the parking lot for the McDonald's and Tram Store. Park on the right side of the lot, where we will not interfere with the McDonald's customer parking.

Meeting time: Ready to ride out of the Tram parking lot at 9:00 am. From Glen it is a 27 mile drive, from Conway Village it is a 16 mile drive.

Carpool: For the Glen/Jackson folks, carpool out of the Grants parking lot at 8:00 am.

Terrain: Farms, fields, forests, mountain views, marshland, horses, goats, churches, stone walls, riverside riding, etc, etc. Part of the ride will be on the road designated as The Chinook Trial (route 113A from Tamworth to Wonalancet). Chinook was a famous sled dog: www.theheartofnewengland.com/LifeInNewEngland-Chinook-Trail.html
Some flat riding at the start, a wonderful downhill at the end, which means that in the middle there are a few short steep rolling hills and moderate hills that will burn some calories so that you can enjoy your lunch with ice cream at the...

Food Stop: The Other Store in Tamworth Village (at ~mile 24). Bring your own or get a nice lunch and/or ice cream here and eat at the picnic tables in the back of the store by the brook. 

Here is the ride map:


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vermont Side of the Connecticut River, Northern Section

Thursday, July 25th, 2013  Attitash at 8:00

The weather forecast looks absolutely fantastic for this Thursday, so we need to do an absolutely fantastic ride to celebrate the return of dryer, bluebird days. I always wait for a perfect day to do this ride, and here it is!!! This ride is my favorite ride. Ride alongside the Connecticut River, farm fields, cows, horses, 2 waterfalls, 2 covered bridges, blueberries, panoramic views, cross the 45th parallel! History - "The Republic of Indian Stream" which declared itself an independent nation in 1832. We will ride over the 3 rivers involved in this border dispute between the US and Canada. (see links for history, below).

The ride starts on Route 102 in Bloomfield, VT at a parking area just south of DeBanville's General Store. The ride is lollipop shaped, gently going up the CT River to lunch in Pittsburg, NH. It then turns south climbing an interesting hill with a 20 mile mostly downhill reward back to the car. It has been labeled by a friend as a "Disneyland E-ticket". Ride through Colebrook on the way back, and cross the CT river back into VT for a nice downstream cruise back to DeBanville's Store. Of course there will be a tailwind on the way back.

Distance: 58 miles, mostly flat, one climb. This is an easy 58, easier than many 40 milers we have done!! This is the ride to log your longest mileage of the season, or your longest ever! Enjoy the whole day out in the sunshine without humidity, heatstroke, cloudbursts or threats of thunderstorms!!!

Shorter version? OK. Many options because you can do out and back on the VT side of the CT River on Route 102. To the shady town green in Canaan, VT and back is 43 gentle, scenic miles. To Colebrook and back is 27 miles. Ride as far as you like in between these towns, then meet the longer route riders in Colebrook at Howard's Diner for some pie, or at the French bakery cafe for a croissant. 

Ready to ride in Bloomfield at 9:45 am.

Carpool from the far end of the Attitash parking lot at 8:00 am. According to the map app, it should be a 1.5 hour drive.

Directions to the start: Route 302 to Twin Mountain, turn right at the light onto route 3. Drive up route 3 through Whitefield, Lancaster and Groveton. Turn left in North Stratford, NH to cross the CT river into Bloomfield, VT on route 105. Take a left onto route 102 immediately after you cross the river, DeBanville's store is on the corner. Drive under the railroad bridge and you will see the dirt parking area with a kiosk describing the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Park here tightly, as there is not a lot of space. Overflow can be on the NH side of the river in North Stratford. There is an attractive outhouse in the woods near the parking lot. 

The map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/114661305

For info on The Republic of Indian Stream check these:


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

North Road and Evans Notch 9:00 am

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What to do in this hot weather?.... A shady, easy ride along a river!!

How about North Road to Evans Notch? It should be cool in the shade.   To make it different, start in Shelbourne Village instead of the usual Hogan Road/North Road parking area near the dam. By starting in Shelbourne, you will cut out about 3 miles and 2 tough hills at the end of the ride. You add a mile of flat scenic farmland and river, not a bad exchange. 

The ride goes over RR tracks and the Androscoggin River about 1 mile to North Road, then out about 5 miles to the iron bridge, crosses the river and goes to Route 2. Ride a short distance on a wide shoulder on route 2, then take the left onto the road up Evans Notch (Rt 113). 

Some of us will ride up to the small bridge for a nice, easy, gradual route upriver. After the bridge, the steeper climb to the top begins. Some will likely climb to the top. Either way is a spectacular ride, and we can regroup down the river for a snack and a splash of water over our heads. Return to our cars by reversing the route. 

Mileage: about 30 if you do the whole ride to the top of Evans Notch, about 26 if you go to the bridge just before the climb goes from gradual to steep. 

Shorter option?  Start at the iron bridge for a really nice 16 mile ride. 

Time:  Ready to ride at 9:00 am in Shelbourne Village. If you want to start at the iron bridge, look for riders coming across it at about 9:20-9:30. 

Start from Shelbourne Village, just off Meadow Road (a left turn off of Route 2 about 5 miles east from the route 16/2 junction in Gorham). After turning left into Meadow from Route 2 take a quick right onto Village Road. Park across from the library or in the ballpark. Meadow Road joins North Road at that grassy triangle intersection close to the Philbrook Inn. 

If you want to carpool, meet in Jackson, in the parking lot across the street from the J-Town Deli at 8:10 am.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maine Visitor's Center, 9:30 am

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I feel like I am stepping out on a limb to plan a ride, but how about meeting at the Maine Visitor's Center in Fryeburg, ready to ride at 9:30. I think we can get a ride in at that time, if not too long and not too adventurous.

We can look at the sky and make a choice:  Haleytown Road and the Brownfield loop hopefully with Sam Brown Hill (it would be nice to have a view of something other than fog and rain...).  Alternately, we could do the Bikepath to Fryeburg Village, out to Ice House Road and the top of Lovewell Pond, then out and back on Mononomy Road.

Ready to Ride at 9:30. Hope for dry weather!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bartlett 4th of July Parade

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

It is really hard to plan bike rides lately with this continuously rainy weather, but this just might work, the forecast looks ok so far.....

If you have never been to the Bartlett 4th of July Parade, it is worth a trip. What a hoot!! It drips with small town charm. Lots of fire trucks (bring ear plugs...), old cars and "floats". Miss Mt Washington Valleys in tiaras perched in convertibles. It starts at 11:00. This is a big deal --- they actually close Route 302 for this event, causing a huge 4th of July traffic jam of confused, surprised and cranky tourists (and locals). But the show must go on! 

Best way to see this spectacle is by bike. Meet at the Attitash parking lot at 9:00 am, ready to ride, at the far end of the lot in the shade. We can ride over to Bartlett Village before 302 turns into a linear parking lot of annoyed drivers. Ride to Bartlett Village, then choose:  go up to the top of Bear Notch or tootle around Bartlett Village and River Road. Regroup with all the riders at a prime viewing spot on the parade route, then get a bowl full of strawberry shortcake made by the church ladies. 
By then the traffic should clear for our return to our cars at Attitash. Maybe next year Thursdaybikers should enter the decorated bike contest.

Meet at 9:00 am at Attitash.