Tuesday, April 26, 2016

River Road and Bear Notch, from Attitash, 10:00 am

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Although I see snow in the forecast for Tuesday, it appears that there is good weather for Thursday!  How about the old early season favorite, Attitash to River Road, Stillings Grant. For more, take a spin through Bartlett Village, look at the pile of burnt wood that used to be the Bartlett Peg Factory that burned to the ground in January. Take a spin up Bear Notch Road as far a you like.

Start at the Attitash parking lot, ready to ride at 10:00 am. I will not be joining you this week, but I will be there next week!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fryeburg Bikepath to Stow Store. 10:00 am

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Looks like good ThursdayBiking weather for 2 weeks in a row!!!!

Another good early season ride is a the classic trip through the fields of Fryeburg up to the Stow Store. For some variety, start at the Maine Visitor's Center on Rt 302 and use the Bikepath to access Fryeburg Village. Take Rt 113 by Weston's Farm and Sherman's Farm, then proceed up Rt 113. Take a right on Fish Street, left on MacNeil to get the Presidentials view. Sadly, the Red Iron Bridge is gone. Ride out/back to see the new landscaping where the bridge abutments used to be, otherwise proceed on Old Harbor Road and then turn right and go up to Union Hill Road (some hard packed dirt, in good condition, better than the pavement). Take Meadow Road towards the Stow Store. Return by Route 113. Total distance is about 28 miles.

Start at 10:00 am, Ready to Ride.

There are plenty of ways to shorten the ride. Start at Weston's Beach, or at the little white church in North Fryeburg. Lengthen to 30 miles by turning right on Cornshop to loop out to Rt 5 returning via Fish St. Add 7 miles by doing the Chatham loop from the Stow Store.

I will not be joining you, but almost everyone lovingly knows this route by heart and can lead the way!  I can't make a map with the internet service I have now. Go onto Map My Ride and look for my route called "Fryeburg Bikepath to Stow Store". It is the Cornshop-Rt5-Fish version, but shorten it a bit by turning right at Fish or a Harbor!!  Enjoy the sunshine!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fryeburg Bike Path, Ice House Road and Menonomy Road 10:00 am

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Looks like a nice day for biking this Thursday!!!!  We deserve this after the rain, sleet and soggy snow that we have had over the past few days!

Let's ride the Mountain Division Rail Trail in the sunshine, starting out of the parking lot of the Maine Visitor's Center located on Route 302 at the NH-ME state line. We can do the entire 4 mile trail then go through Fryeburg Village out to Icehouse Road, then out and back on Menonomy Road (which is glorious at this time of the year!).

The route is mostly flat, but Menonomy has a gentle climb, a good one for early season riding. 

Meet at the Maine Visitor's Center parking lot, ready to ride at 10:00 am. 

Distance? About 20 miles.

P.S.  Bear Notch Road is clear to ride. There can be some black ice where the snowmelt creeps across the pavement on icy cold mornings.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

No Ride this Week, Weather is not Cooperating!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I keep looking at all the forecasts hoping for a miraculous change, but it is not happening. Thursday and Friday, even Saturday do not look good for biking. So, I am going to cancel.  So Sad.

I walked up Bear Notch Road 2 days ago and it is almost 100% clear of ice and snow, ready for us to bike with only a short distance required for walking (just above the 2nd viewpoint). The temperature, however, was NOT ready for us to bike, it was really cold and windy. All the snow shown in the photo here on the right is gone. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow us to enjoy the road before the gates open!

Hope to see you next week!

Don't forget the MWV Bicycling Club spring party at Tuckerman's Tavern this Thursday at 5:30 pm!!