Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thursday March 28, 2012

Last Thursday was spectacular!
Looks like we won't get a repeat for this week...
Stay tuned and hopefully we will be able to ride next Thursday!
If you can ride on Saturday, check the Velo club blog -- the weather might be good!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thursday March 22nd First Ride of the 2012 Season!

Today is the The First Day of Spring (summer???)!!!

Looks like 2012 might start out as a good season for Thursdaybike. Since we didn't have many sunny warm days for riding last year (remember April, September and October??...) I had better jump at the chance to set up a ThursdayRide in the beautiful weather we have right now (before the April blizzards occur).

Anyone want to get together for a ride this Thursday??

I am setting up an easy, mostly flat, easy going, fun cruise, using the Fryeburg Bikepath as a gateway to roads that we have not done on ThursdayBike. We start on the Fryeburg Bikepath, ride some nicely paved roads in the village, then go behind Fryeburg Academy and out Ice House Road to the top of Lovewell Pond. We can go further if we are energetic - Monomomy Road is really nice!

Meet at the Maine Visitors Center on Route 302, just past the NH-ME border at 10:00 am, ready to ride. Bring water and lunch or snacks. Good luck digging out the shorts, t-shirts and bike gear!!