Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rain for Thursday, May 28

Unfortunately, the weather forecast does not look good for a bike ride on Thursday, so the the ride is cancelled. Let's hope for better next week!

However .........
Saturday looks good, so ride with the Velo Club! Check this season's new website for the Saturday Rides: http://www.mwvveloclub.org/ Click on the Calendar and the date for the details.

On this Saturday May 30th there is a choice of 3 very scenic rides:

For a long fast ride, Steve Blum is hosting a 65 mile ride from Twin Mountain to Lancaster to Lost Nation to Jefferson.

For the intermediate ride, DIck Pollock is hosting the 35 mile Cherry Mountain Loop (Zealand parking are to Jefferson via Route 115 and Israel's River Road.

For a shorter ride, Julia King is hosting the 14 mile Loop around the Mt. Washington Hotel: Crawford Notch parking area to Mt. Clinton Road to Base Road to Route 302.

Happy Biking!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday, May 21

Franconia Notch Bike Path

The weather forecast for Thursday looks fantastic, so lets do an "away" ride over the hill to Lincoln and Franconia Notch. There have been requests for this ride over the past year or so and Thursday looks like a great day for it.

The bike path is wonderful - a paved path though the woods, great views, interesting stops along the way (view of where the Old Man used-to-be, The Basin, The New England Ski Museum, climbers on the sheer cliffs, the lakes, Cannon Mt.).

For the longer ride (approximately 32 miles), start out of the Loon Ski Area parking lot, ride on a quiet back road in residential Lincoln avoiding the busy Main Street (Pollard Rd; turn right of the Kanc by The Common Man Restaurant), then out onto Route 3 by Clark's Trading Post. Ride up Route 3 by the 1950's style motels and cabins and Indian Head to The Flume parking area where the bike path begins. It is about 6 miles to this point. The bike path starts at the upper, northern end of the parking lot; turn left as you enter the lot and ride up to the entrance way.

The bike path IS NOT a rail trail - it IS NOT flat - it will be a great use of all of the gears that you have on your bike. There are some short sharp ups, and short sharp downs, some sweeping turns, bridges and tunnels - all lending itself to a wonderful Disney World attraction for us. The way back is a smiling mostly downhill cruise. This is a great time of the year to ride this, as there are not many tourists, walkers, baby carriages, etc. on the path to get in our way!

For the shorter ride, just do the bike path. It is about 19 miles round trip from the Flume parking lot. Turn around earlier if you like.

For the Longer Ride: Ready-to-ride at the Loon Ski Area parking lot at 10:00 am

Enter the Loon parking lot at the Main entrance (by the train engine), cross the bridge then bear left up towards the main lodge. There is lots of parking available on the right side of the lot.

For the shorter ride: Meet the longer riders at The Flume Parking Lot near the bike path entrance between 10:45 and 11:00 am.

Carpooling: Meet at the Grants Parking lot in Glen at 8:30 am to load up. Pull out of the lot NO LATER than 8:50 am. Drive to Loon via Bear Notch Road and the Kanc.

There are bathroom facilities at The Flume and at various parking lots along the Bike Path. There is a snack bar/ice cream near the Ski Museum at Cannon Mt. but I am not sure if it is open yet. Bring water, food and snacks for a picnic either at the Ski Museum or by the lake.

This should be a great day!

Here is a map:

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thursday, May 14

Apple Blossoms and Asparagus on the Snowville Loop

Springtime means green pastures, apple blossoms and fresh asparagus.
So, lets add some apple blossoms to Asparagus Hill....

On Monday I talked with Bruce Hatch (who has an apple orchard on Brownfield Road in South Conway) about the status of his apple blossoms, and he said they are starting to open. They will likely be open for us on Thursday as we ride by his farm. His farm is close to the Earle Family Farm, about 3.5 miles up from the intersection of Route 302 and Mill Street in Center Conway. Bruce has invited us to stop by his farm for a look at the flowers and, if you like, a walk up behind his house for a view of the valley.

Then - on to Asparagus Hill. Almost all of you know Asparagus Hill and have a story to tell about it. Either ride it or walk it - at least it is short and over with soon.

The Snowville Loop includes riding by Crystal Lake and a stop at the Eaton Store for snacks or lunch. I heard they are giving away the cabins across the street from the store ....anyone interested??

Meet at the riverside parking lot behind the Conway Police Station on East Conway Road near the intersection with route 302. We will ride out from there following Route 302 to Center Conway, regroup at Bruce's Orchard then continue the loop through Snowville and again regroup at the Eaton Store. Return is via route 153 to Stark Road and back to the Police Station. By starting at the Police Station and returning via Stark Road, we avoid riding though traffic in Conway Village. Let's see how this alternate starting point works for us.

Ready to Ride at 10:00 am

Total Distance: 26 miles

Shorter Option: Go to Bruce's Orchard and return to the Police Station - total of 15 miles.

Here is a map:

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thursday, May 7

Ride Cancelled

Every weather report indicates rain (and a lot of it) for Thursday. Unfortunately the ride is cancelled.

Better weather for next week, I hope!!