Tuesday, January 27, 2015

THURSDAYSKI at Jackson Ski Touring 10:00 am

Thursday, January 29, 2015

.........7:00 am Thursday update:  As of 7:00, the only trails NOT groomed are the North Hall and Maple Mountain Loop. When we get there at 10:00 we will get the update. If these trails are not groomed since the new snow, we can change our plan -- Prospect Farm could be the alternate.........

This winter storm may not give us the deep snow predicted, but the powdery snow is wind packed and should add beautifully to the good base we have been enjoying. Wednesday looks like post storm cold and windy, but I think Thursday will be a perfect day to XC ski on the new snow.

Let's meet in the lodge at Jackson Ski Touring Thursday morning at 10:00, ready to ski. My first choice would be to do a one way trip: North Hall, South Hall, perhaps including Maple Mountain Loop, starting from the Rocky Branch parking lot.  Perhaps this new snow will allow for a grooming up and over Popple Mountain for the first time this season.

Thursday morning grooming and trail reports will determine if this is going to be a fun option.  If this route is not perfect for skiing, we will do a plan B. I will update this blog with more trail condition info as I get it from the Jackson staff.

See you THURSDAY Morning, 10:00!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bretton Woods on Wednesday, 10:00 am

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

With the freezing rain and rain that hit us yesterday, trails are now recovering. Skiing was surprisingly good today, better than I thought possible!

I want to try Bretton Woods on Wednesday. Rumors say that it is good in the woods, and snowmaking has patched up issues on the golf course Perimeter Trail. Let's do a circumnavigation of the area, visit the yurt and enjoy Presidential views!

Meet at the XC ski lodge at Bretton Woods at 10:00 am on Wednesday. Bring lunch, or purchase food at the cafe. Two-fer day means $10.50 per person.

Carpool?  Meet at the back of Grant's parking lot in Glen, 9:20 am.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jackson XC East Pasture Loop 12:15 pm

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2-fer day at JacksonXC!

Skiing is excellent, so let's meet for a ski on the East Pasture Trail. A 12k clockwise loop (slow, relaxed, plenty of rest/chat stops) will get the climb over first, then we can enjoy the nice downhill. Some may opt to do a counterclockwise out and back, meeting the rest on their trip around the loop. Most will probably be on classic skis, but join in on skate skis if you want a good workout.

The Jackson Biathalon Club will be hosting their weekly Meisters event at their Windy Hill Range, so we can watch (from a distance....!).   www.jacksonbiathalon.org

Every week I will try to pick a fun trail to ski. Since I post the plan a few days ahead, the actual conditions on ski day might require a change to an alternate trail if need be.  We will then pick the best trail of the day.

It will be a very cold morning on Wednesday, but the sun will be out and the temps rise over the morning. Therefore we will not meet too early!  Let's meet in the lodge between 11:45-12:15, 11:45 if you want to eat your lunch in the lodge or 12:15 ready to ski and load up the carpool. Let's plan to leave the touring center promptly at 12:15.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

See you next week!

Tuesday, Jan 6th, 2015

Due to weather, holidays, my Mom's broken arm and a ski clinic, I have not posted a ThursdayBike- WednesdaySki-MondaySki since before Christmas!  Yikes!

NO MORE ISSUES after this week, I hope, so I will be posting regularly starting next week. Two-fer day is Wednesday at most places, Mon and Fri at Great Glen. If all continues well with the good snow, I will pick Wednesday next week as our XC ski day.

We are so lucky to have good skiing in our area.... I am in VT skiing on a man-made 5k loop at Rikert Nordic Center. It's snowmaking (pretty good!) or DIRT over here, Wow!!

See you next week!