Tuesday, September 29, 2015

West Side, Conway Village, Kanc to Rocky Gorge. 10:00 am start

Thursday, October 1st

The weather forecast suggests a good ride tomorrow morning, sunny but chilly! With all of today's rain coming down the rivers, I thought it would be fun to do a rushing river-side ride, so let's see what Lower Falls and Rocky Gorge look like. We head down West Side Road to Conway Village, then go up the Kanc along the Swift River. On the return via Passaconaway, we can go into Grandview to explore the new roads and do the new loop.

Pull out the warmer biking clothes and see you at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway, ready to ride at 10:00 am.

Can be up to a 32 mile ride. To cut out about 12 miles, start at the Saco Ranger Station to meet the others riding by at about 10:45 am.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tour de Portland, 10:00 am start in Scarborough

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Fall season, everyone! The weather is perfect for an adventure ride! This Portland "Field Trip" is a great ride using the Eastern Trail (part of the East Coast Greenway) as a way to access the sites of Portland, ME. The East Coast Greenway goes from Calais, ME at the Canadian Border, to Key West, FL. Here is the portion that travels though Portland, South Portland and Scarborough.

By starting at the Eastern Road trailhead in Scarborough, near the Scarborough Marsh, the ride is mostly on paved bike path and paved roads. We will visit Bug Light, also the Eastern Promenade, likely see a big cruise ship at the Portland docks, and we will travel over the graceful Casco Bay Drawbridge on a bike/pedestrian path. Perhaps we will see it go up to allow a tanker to pass through, as we saw last year! A hard packed dirt section around the Back Cove of Portland is an option, also an option is to ride the hard packed dirt section that goes through Scarborough Marsh. In the past I have started this ride at the Thornton Academy in Saco, but this puts us on dirt miles which might deter some participants. The dirt sections are options, not required in this ride.

To get there:  My GPS says that it takes 1 hour 45 minutes from Glen to Eastern Road in Scarborough, but I would allow a bit more time considering the road construction projects. Take Route 302 to Fryeburg, then head towards Portland on Route 113. Continue to Routes 25, then 112, then 114.  Route 114 will cross US Route 1 at an intersection with 2 gas stations, an Amato's and a Walgreens. Continue straight across Route 1, and in about 0.5 mile, take a right on Eastern Road, at a well marked pedestrian/bike road crossing. Drive about 0.25 mile and park in the Eastern Trail dirt lot on the left side.

Ready to Ride at 10:00 am

Bring lunch and snacks to eat ...with an ocean view.

Total miles: 38, with options to extend this to 45, either to Black Point or to ride some of the hard packed dirt section headed towards Thornton Academy in Saco.

I have the route posted on MapMy Ride under the title "Tour de Portland".

Email me if you plan to join in so that I will know you are coming.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bear Notch Loop 9:00 am

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

The traffic has gone back home and to school, so it is a good time to do some local rides before the leaf peepers arrive. The weather looks perfect for the Bear Notch Loop. I will not be joining you, but I did it a few days ago and it always impresses me with how beautiful this ride is!

Park at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slopes Inn in North Conway.  I suggest a counterclockwise loop to get all the climbing over with early and to enjoy that cruise down Bear Notch, the Kanc and Passaconaway.  You can vote on the direction to go, see what the riders prefer!

Stop at Rocky Gorge for a lunch or a snack.

Ready to Ride at 9:00 am. Bring food and water.

IF the weather looks good for next Thursday, I may be setting up the "Tour de Portland Ride". This is new to ThursdayBike, but has been rider tested and approved as great tour. This ride uses the Eastern Trail (East Coast Greenway) and local roads to enjoy a trip through Scarborough and Portland, lighthouses, bridges, marshes. I would like to share this great ride with all of you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Attitash to the Willey House

Thursday, September 10, 2015

It looks possible for a ride tomorrow if we stay close to home and finish before the afternoon storms start to come in. How about this regular local ride that is a good workout and is beautiful? Also, we can turn back for a quick downhill return if the weather starts to threaten.

We have not had a cancellation so far this season.... let's see what we can get in tomorrow to keep the streak going!!!

Start at the Attitash parking lot, far western end, away from the lifts and activities.

Ready to Ride at 9:00 am

Total distance from Attitash to the Willey House and back is about 29 miles.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tour de Fryeburg, 9:00 am

Thursday, September 3, 2015

With a threat of precipitation in the afternoon, I am setting up a ride that will get us out and back before too much heat and any rain issues. This ride is easy, covers very familiar territory, but mixes it up a bit to try to be interesting and to ride as much of that new black velvet pavement as possible!!

Start at the Fryeburg Visitor's Center, ride out the bike path, turning left into Fryeburg Village at the auto repair shop. Cross over Route 302 and ride by Weston's Beach and follow newly paved Route 113 up to Cornshop Road. Loop around by the familiar short bit of Route 5 then Fish Street then McNeil. The usual route up Union Hill then Meadow to the Stow Store for a snack. Return by new pavement on Route 113, then back to the bike path.

Ready to Ride at 9:00 am at the Fryeburg Visitor's Center on Route 302.

Total distance: 30 miles.  Route is on MapMy Ride, called "Fryeburg Bikepath to Stow Store"