Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weather Worries for Thursday Oct 1st

Hi Everyone,

I want to wait until tomorrow, Wednesday, to post the details for this Thursday's ride. I am a bit concerned about the threat and the timing of rain or drizzle.

For this Thursday, I think a ride in the Crawford Notch/Twin Mt area would be a good choice because the foliage is exceptionally beautiful up there right now -- I call it Peak!! Looks like we can get that ride in, but I want to get a good call on the forecast before deciding meeting time and place.

Perhaps next week, if we have a really good forecast, it will be a good time for the annual Vermont Side of the CT River Foliage Ride!

Check this site again tomorrow!!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pumpkin Fest Ride

Thursday Sept 25th Ride to Pumpkin Fest!

Celebrate with Steve and Sally Swenson as they send off their Giant Pumpkin to the Fryeburg Fair! Steve and Sally send us an invitation:

The 4th Annual PUMPKIN FEST, where? our yard, when? THURSDAY, Sept. 25th 10:00 -11:00 am.
"We want to extend an invitation to all Velo Club members and friends to attend THE 4th Annual Pumpkin Fest. It is DAISY this year, and She is approaching 400 lbs. Some of you will have received personal invitations, but it is open to all - rain or shine. We will have a band, a men's and women's chorus this year, Lilly, the singing dog and lots more. Feel free to arrange the Thursday ride on the 25th to stop by the house between 10 and 11: am. There will be coffee, tea, pumpkin munchies and VALET parking for bikes on the front lawn."
Steve and Sally Swenson 3569021 388 Kearsarge Rd., North Conway

The Bike Ride will include a stop at the Swenson's for the event at 10:00. Here is the plan:

For the best downhill-all-the-way-to-the-car at the end of the ride: Start out of the old Dunkin Donuts parking lot at 8:45 am.

If you prefer, start at the Eastern Slope Inn Public Parking area 9:45 am. Or meet everyone at Steve and Sally's house at 10:00.

From Dunkin Donuts in Glen: We can ride to Steve's via Route 302 to West Side Road and River Road. Those of you who live in West Side Road, meet us as we ride by your house! We will take a spin through the Eastern Slope Inn Public Parking area to join any other riders who start there.

We will cross Route 16 at the light and ride by the John Fuller School, then zig-zag via N-S Road and Seavey St to to end up at Steve and Sally's house at 388 Kearsage Road (a bit past the entrance to Cranmore).

After the festivities, the ride continues!! We will explore local roads in North Conway, Intervale and Jackson for a nice loop. We will ride toward Cranmore and take Old Bartlett Road to the North end of Kearsage Road, the Hurricane Mt Road down to Route 16. There, we turn onto Route 16A, past Town Hall Rd to Dundee Rd. We will ride Dundee to Jackson, coming down near Black Mt Ski area, then down to Carter Notch Rd, then stop to picnic at Jackson Falls. The downhill ride continues down route 16 back to the Dunkin Donuts.

So you wonder about Dundee Rd??? Yes, it has a stiff climb -- not long - but it is walkable (I walk it every time) and well worth the effort. This is a fabulous ride, and some walking on some dirt is part of the deal. Enjoy the start of foliage season in the woods up there. The ride down from the top of Dundee all the way back to the car is really scenic and you will smile all the way. It is a local classic!!!!

The total distance is 28 miles. If you want to shorten it, just avoid Dundee and ride to the end of 16A back to route 16 and back over Stanley's Hill to the Dunkin Donuts.

Here is the map:

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The North Fryeberg-Kezar Narrows Fig. 8

Thursday, September 18 Ride

This 26 mile ride is a variation of a ride we did earlier in the season. It will start at the No. Fryeberg fire station. We will head south to begin this figure 8 ride. Turn left on Fish St to rt 5 and a left on Rt 5 to Shavehill road. Turn left on Shavehill to a right on Union Hill Rd. Continue to a right turn on New road. Continue to a right on Foxboro Rd to a right on W. Lovell Road and continue to the Narrows. We can lunch at the Narrows if the take-out is open, otherwise we can continue to Lovell to the variety store for lunch. After a break, we can double back on W. Lovell Rd to a left on Shave Hill Rd all the way to a right on Harbor Rd. Turn right at the end on Rt 113 to end at our start point.

Weather looks to be quite nice and this is a very nice ride. There are great views all along this ride. The distance views are of the Baldfaces/Royces and a peek at washington peak. We are all in better condition now, so this will be enjoyable for all.

Start Time: 9:30 am
Place: No. Fryeberg Fire station (please do not park in driveway or along the sides of firestation)
Carpooling: Those starting from the Glen area, meet at Grant's ready to leave by 8:45

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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Snowville Loop, Thursday Sept 11

The Snowville Loop is a really nice, relatively short ride (24 miles). There are no notches, but there are a few short moderate climbs and also that famous "Asparagus Hill" which is a short, steep challenge! This should be an easier climb than it was in the early part of the season!!

The ride goes through Center Conway, South Conway, into part of Brownfield, ME, then to Snowville and Eaton, by Crystal Lake. A stop at the Eaton Store for lunch or snacks is a tradition! Perhaps a dip in Crystal Lake?

The ride starts in Conway Village out of the public parking lot near the corner of routes 16 and 153, behind the Mountain Center Physical Therapy building and the Laconia Bank.

Be ready to ride at 9:30 am.

For a longer option, start at the EMS/Eastern Slope public parking lot for a to add 14 miles round trip (38 total) via West Side Road. Meet up with the rest of the riders at the parking area in Conway Village. Leave the parking lot at Eastern Slope no later than 8:45.

Tom and I are on the road again - we are riding the Cabot Trail. We will be back for the Thursday Ride on Sept 25th.

For the map:

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 4th North Road Ride

OK you Weather Gods up there, we Double Dog Dare you to rain on this Fourth Attempt at Ralph's North Road Ride this year!!!!!

Time: 9:30 am Ready to Ride

Where: Dirt parking area at the junction of Hogan Road and North Road, Gorham.

Distance: 39 miles round trip with lunch at the picnic area on the Androscoggin River in Bethel, ME.

Bring: Lunch, Water, Snacks

This ride is easier than what you have been doing lately .....

Ride Description:
North Road is a gem!! It is a scenic, quiet road which goes from the eastern end of Gorham to Shelburne to Gilead and then to Bethel, ME. The road goes along the north side of the Androscoggin River. Route 2, which has trucks, tourists and traffic, travels along the south ride of the river.

Start at the intersection of North Road and Hogan Road, on the north side of the river, ready to ride at 9:30 am. To get to this point, drive north over Pinkham Notch on Route 16. Turn right at the intersection with route 2 in Gorham. Drive about 3 miles, and turn left onto North Road, just after a beautiful stone house and barn. Cross the river at the dam, and proceed about 1/4 mile to where North Road bears sharply right. Hogan Road, a dirt road with access to several trailheads, comes in from the left at this point, and there is a dirt parking area there.

PLEASE CARPOOL to minimize the number of cars in this lot (see below..)! The ThursdayBike group could overwhelm this lot! There is additional parking on the right side of Route 2, just past the intersection with North Road. It is the Appalachain Trailhead parking. If you know this lot, park there and ride over to the Hogan Road lot - this will save parking spaces for others.The entire ride on North Road to the picnic area alongside the river in Bethel, and back, is 39 miles.

The ride is not difficult, no notches! There are flat sections, sections of rolling hills, lots of scenery and occasional views of the river. Near the end, just before reaching Route 2/Route 5, there is a bike path that turns right at a red fire hydrant and goes behind the water slide park. The path goes for 1.1 miles, ending at a nice picnic spot (and porta-potty).

There are many options for food in Bethel, or just bring your own.

Shorter Options: (I am not offering a shorter version this time, since ALL OF YOU CAN DO THIS ENTIRE RIDE!! THE ENTIRE RIDE IS REALLY NICE!!! You have done WAY harder rides lately!!!)

CARPOOLING! To carpool, meet at the Dunkin Donuts in Glen at 8:15 if you can either take a bike or two in/on your car, or if you would like to join a carpool. Carpools will leave Dunkin Donuts at 8:30.

For a map you can play with, click on:

(I will have some maps printed out for you)

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