Tuesday, January 30, 2018

JacksonXC, Keeney Loop, 10:00 am!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My first idea for ThursdaySki this week was a loop tour on Bear Notch Road and the Experimental Forest Trails. I tested a part of this route today, and I was not impressed enough to set it up for tomorrow. It was good uphill, but a bit squirlly and bumpy on sections requiring snowplowing on the way back down. I will wait until the snow is softer for this adventure.

Sooooo, lets head back to JacksonXC. the skiing there has been good lately. Freshly groomed trails are necessary for a good ski!

The Keeney Loop was groomed last night, so I suggest we do that! It is a 17k challenge, one of the finest ski routes in the valley! Bring food and beverage for energy!

We will have some new fresh snow on top of the crust, and it should still be snowing in the morning. Let's meet in the lodge at 10:00 am.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

JacksonXC, 10:00 am

Thursday January 25th

Looks like the snow survived fairly well after this second round of January Thaw. Whew!!!

I will not be able to join you for this week's ThursdaySki. However, I am setting up a 10:00 meeting time at JacksonXC for those of you who want to ski. You can decide on the trails with the best conditions of the day and head out!! Check with the front desk staff for the best info!

Thank Snow!!  See you next week!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

JacksonXC, Keeney loop OR Prospect Farm?...10:00 am

Thursday, January 18th

THURSDAY morning update:  Neither Keeney nor Prospect groomed last night, but Ellis is groomed to Winneweta and Eagle - Wave area is also groomed. I guess my first choice for today is the Ellis all the way on the groomed and maybe with the powder we can explore further to view the river damage out there. The trees are covered with snow, it should be winter wonderland. We can discuss the options when we meet!!

OK, we have good weather in the forecast and we survived January Thaw. Whew.

The coverage on the trails is amazingly good considering the deluge. Funky spots are due to river and stream ice dams and flooding, but it seems that the Piston Bully has worked wonders to repair the trails for us.

I think the key to an excellent ski will be fresh grooming of the snow-cone-icy base with today's fresh powder. Although the first grooming after the rain and freeze up was good but challenging, the second grooming of the trails provided fast and great skiing.

Let's meet at JacksonXC at 10:00, ready to ski. I will look at the grooming report in the morning and try to decide on the best route for us. My selections would be, if freshly groomed, the Keeney Loop, clockwise OR Prospect Farm. Maybe Maple Mountain Loop will be done, that would be nice on a sunny day!!!

Check this blog in the morning, I will update with my best call on the route!

Bring some snacks and beverage to enjoy in a sunny spot on the trail!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bear Notch Ski Touring: Grand Bartlett Bear Tour 9:30 am at Attitash

Thursday, January 11, 2018

WEATHER UPDATE: As of 8:00 am on Thursday:  Weather looks good for us. See you at Attitash or at the Bear Notch Ski Touring Center.

The January thaw must now be upon us...the temperature on Thursday will be in the mid 40's, wow, shocking to our cold-adapted systems! There will be a strong wind from the west. This adds up to a good ski over at Bear Notch Ski Touring, with protected skiing in the woods and a tailwind at the end of the tour.

Here is a map of Bear Notch Ski Touring:  http://www.bearnotchskitouring.com/trail-map.html

First choice Plan, my favorite do-it all plan:

Meet at the Attitash parking lot in the area next to Matty B's, towards the back near the RR tracks, at 9:30 am. We will leave a few cars here for those who do the entire one-way expedition. We then get into the other cars and drive over to Bear Notch Ski Touring Center.

We start skiing at the touring center likely about 10:00 am heading uphill and around the Bartlett Brook trails system (up Trail #7 and wiggle around 22 and parts of the 5s and 6s), We then head east crossing Bear Notch Road then enjoy the downhill to the trails to the RR tracks (Trail #s 40 and 42) We then ski with a tailwind on the tracks towards Bear Peak, cross Route 302 and ski along Thorne Pond then on the trials behind Attitash Mountain Village (#50 and maybe even 52, 53, 54, 55, which are in the Fields of Attitash, Saco Riverside and woods) then back to the cars. The RR tracks and the Fields of Attitash area trails have been groomed over the last few days and look great.

This route option covers it all, and we may decide to shorten some of this if needed due to skier preferences. We can edit as we go, but all is groomed and ready to enjoy, so with the mild temperatures why not try for the entire tour?

If you are time limited you can always shorten the loop to return to the ski center or we can arrange to park your car at Thorne Pond so you can finish there. All is possible!

If you are coming from Bartlett, just meet us at the touring center, no need to drive to Attitash. You will be driven back to your car at the end of the ski.

I will watch the grooming reports and we can modify this Grand Tour if need be. With the warm temperature, the snow should be soft and fast!

For seniors (over 60), the trail fee is $15.

Bring beverage, lunch or snacks to eat along the trail.

Hawaiian shirts??

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wait until next week.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year to all!

I think it is probably best to cancel this week's ThursdaySki. The snow starts at about 7:00 am so we all would be driving in the snow and likely in the windy conditions, worse on the way home than the way in.

Stay tuned for next week!  I want to plan an away ski at Bretton Woods or Bear Notch to do the epic routes there!