Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bear Notch Road from Attitash, 9:00 am

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday, 4:00 pm update:

I rode River Road, Passaconaway Road and the Kanc to Lower Falls this afternoon. All are open and clear - a few sandy spots and a few small sticks here and there. A Forest Service Ranger at Lower Falls told me that Bear Notch Road is now open, and the Kanc is open from Conway Village up to Bear Notch Road.

The plan as described below is still on, as the roads are eerily quiet since most folks haven't found out about the openings as of yet. So although the roads are open, the traffic will be very light.

Here is one more alternative to add to the list of ride alternatives below: The Bear Notch Loop.

Hurricane Irene has changed the course of rivers, washed away houses and camps, eroded roadsides and pavement and collapsed bridges. I hope all of you, ThursdayBikers and your friends, are dry and OK. Because of the road damage and closures, I am keeping the ride local on roads that I have heard are clear.

Due to the closure of the Kanc and Route 302 west of Bartlett, there are no cars on Bear Notch Road. Riders who did it on Tuesday said it was excellent without any cars and it is free of debris. Let's go enjoy this too! This is one of the easiest "Notches" and it has 3 scenic viewpoints (rest stops) conveniently located on the way up.

Ready to Ride at the Attitash parking lot at 9:00 am. Park at the west side of the lot in the shade of the trees.

Various distances are possible. Groups can choose their course:

From Attitash to the top of Bear Notch and back: about 15 miles

From Attitash, over Bear Notch to the Kanc and back about 23 miles

From the Bear Notch/Kanc intersection it may be possible to ride the Kanc (I am not sure whether it is closed from this point). If open we could go to the Sugar Hill scenic vista (34 miles round trip) or Lily Pond (37 miles round trip)

For the shortest, flattest ride, go from Attitash up to the road closure on Route 302 at Hart's Location (~10 miles).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

West Side Road - Passaconaway Road 9:00 am

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

The weather looks a bit iffy for this week's ride. I don't think is is worth putting together an away adventure ride with the predictions of thunderstorms coming in as early as 1:00.
So, these are the times I pull out the old standby, the West Side Road - Passaconaway Road ride. It is local, out and back, it can be cut short if the weather threatens, and it is a really nice ride, too.

Let's meet at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn at 9:00, ready to ride. The route out to the Albany Covered Bridge and back is about 25 miles. If the weather holds, we can go up to the Lower Falls on the Kanc.

All the weather-people are energized with the upcoming Hurricane Irene. It is very exciting to watch the development. Hold onto your hats this weekend. My Mom's name is Irene, and she is getting lots of attention this week....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Basin 9:00 am start

Thursday, August 18th, 2010

Looks like all the rain is going to end and provide a beautiful day for ThursdayBike! To get away from the amazing amount of traffic in the valley, let's do the Basin ride, on the quiet roads of North Fryeburg and Chatham. I will not be able to join in this Thursday - I am hiking with my 1st cousins, once removed.

Meet at the corner of South Chatham Road and Route 113 in North Fryeburg, alongside the park next to the Saco Valley Fire Station. As you already know, please do not block the fire station parking area. Park head-in alongside the park to allow for many cars to fit in, or park parallel, off the road, along South Chatham Road or Rt 113.

The last quarter mile up to The Basin is a dirt road, and I am not sure of its condition at this point of the season. If it is a wash out, you may want to just use the campground at the entrance as your lunch spot. There are picnic tables, porta-potty and water pump in the campground. There is another campground with water and porta potties up at The Basin.

The starting time, ready-to-ride will be 9:00 am.

If you do the ride starting south on 113 and take a left on Fish St and left on MacNeil, it will be a 28 mile ride.

Want more miles?? If you continue past Fish down to Cornshop and hang a left there and ride out to Rt 5 and take a left on Fish St, your total will be 33 miles. If you start earlier at Weston's Beach you get 44 miles.

Carpoolers from the Bartlett/Jackson area -- meet at Grants parking lot at 8:15.

Also - in case you enjoy the downhill better than the uphill -- Joan Kelly is aranging a deal at Bretton Woods for their lift assisted mountain bike riding. She will get a discount for the Tuesday Fattire Crusiers gorup, next Tuesday, Aug 23rd, if she gets 12 people or more. She almost has enough...

Bring your own mountain bike or rent one there.

Contact her at for more info

See you there!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Snowville Loop 9:00 am

There is only a slight chance of a shower early on Thursday morning, but I think it should be OK for a ride -- look out your window before heading out. I will not be able to ride with the group this Thursday as I am away, but this is such a familiar ride to most of you that I am sure there will be plenty of leaders to help any newbies along!!

To avoid the traffic in Conway Village and some road work on the northern end of Route 153, meet at the riverside park, on the right, just past the police station on East Conway Road. Drive down the entrance road to the parking and picnic area on the Saco River.

The ride goes back out to East Conway Road, then go left to the stop sign, take a left onto Route 302, cross the Saco River, take a left at the lights to head towards Center Conway, then take a right onto Mill Street to ride by the beach on Conway Lake, up Brownfield Road to Hampshire St, and up the famous Asparagus Hill. This hill is the yearly test of how far you can ride up before having to jump off the bike before tipping over...

The reward is then a great ride to Crystal Lake. You may be able to picnic there, but since most of us are not Eaton residents they may not let us hoodlums enter. Try the picnic tables located in the pines on the lake a short distance down 153 on the left, before the Eaton Store.

Return by Route 153 to Stark Road (right turn at a four corners. This is a nice riding road that cuts out half of route 153 and avoids Conway Village lights and traffic). When you come to the end of Stark Road, where it meets route 113, you can take a right onto Odell Hill Road, which runs parallel to route 113 for a short distance. Then you pop out back on 113 and come to the lights at Route 302 where you go left. Take the right back onto East Conway Road and right again after the police station into the park. Take a dip in the river if you like!

Distance = 25 miles

Ready to Ride at 9:00 am!

Here is a map of the ride!