Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Pavement Means New Ride

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Looks like we will win on the weather tomorrow -- the rain should be gone by morning and a clearing, drying northwest wind will feel great!

I have a new ride that I want to try --- this is a new route due to the paving of the formerly gravel Airport Road in the Whitefield-Jefferson area!!!

Airport Road is off of Route 115 on the way to Jefferson, just after the scenic vista that looks out over Jefferson and the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge. With this road paved, a nice loop can be done from the Bretton Woods area.

We start at the Bretton Woods Ski Area, parking in the lot near the entrance across from the fitness center. Then head west on 302 straight through the lights at Twin Mountain to River Road and Wing Road (along the Ammonoosuc River) to Route 116 to Whitefield. We can eat lunch and/or ice cream at the gazebo on the town green in Whitefield, then head out a mile on route 116 to Hazen Road. Hazen Road takes us to the small airport and wood chip power plant on new pavement that goes past the entrance to the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge. There is a climb here up to Route 115 and the scenic vista, then downhill back to route 3 and route 302. The northwest wind will power us back to our cars.

Total Loop from Bretton Woods parking lot: 37 miles.

Shorter, easier route -- out and back via River Road and Wing Road for 28 miles.

Shorter, but still a loop - start at Zealand parking lot on the north side of route 302 for 29 miles. Look for riders passing by at about 9:45.

Longer option: 44 miles if you start from the Mt Clinton Road forest service parking lot (need a parking pass) or park at Crawford Notch near the railroad station. This way you get the climb the notch back to your car at the end of the ride.

Let's meet at 9:30 am, ready to ride at the big parking lot across from the Bretton Woods Fitness center building. The weather should be clear and bright by then.....The fitness center is on your right just after you enter into the Bretton Woods Ski Area road.

Here is a map of the ride:

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crank Some Crawford - or all of it

Thursday July 22nd

Since I will be away cycling the Adirondacks this week I am writing this post early without knowing the weather for the 22nd of July.  As of Sunday, 7/18, the forecast for Thursday is mid-80's with chance of a thunderstorm.  If rain is imminent, ride will be cancelled. I am setting up a local ride that is out-and-back for a quick return to the car if the weather turns sour. It is a shady ride with a cooling breeze on the way back downhill.

Start out of the Attitash parking lot at 8:30 am.

Total distance to the Willey House and back is about 30 miles

Make it 34 miles if you go up to the railroad station at the top of The Notch.

For a longer ride, 40 miles, start out of the Grants parking lot (8:15 am), meet the folks at Attitash and Crank Crawford.

Do you need a map?? see below. Even if you don't need one, take a look at the elevation profile after you finish the ride.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stow Store and Kezar Lake Narrows

Thursday July 15th

Looks like we will finally have perfect weather on a Thursday for a bike ride. We deserve it after all the rain, the cold+wet and the hot+humid days we have endured!!!!

As you may know, The Stow Store is now open, serving ice cream, pastries, pizza, and sandwiches. I am setting up a ride that will take you by the store to check it out and congratulate the owners! So, this ride is a modification of the classic Kezar Lake Narrows Ride to include a short spur onto Meadow Road to the Stow Store. And... for even more fun and excitement -- Meadow Road is newly paved!! So enjoy the black velvet ride where we used to bounce over all the cracks, potholes and sand!!

As always, this ride includes the Red Iron Bridge (spanning the Old Saco River at the McNeil Road-Harbor Road intersection) which will be taken down later this fall or early next spring. So be sure to give it a salute and a kiss as you ride over it for its 53 years of service.

Start the ride at the park next to the North Fryeburg Fire Station (as you know, park away from the fire station where the firefighters may need to park). The ride goes through the turf, potato and corn fields via Cornshop, Fish and McNeil, cross the Red Iron Bridge, up Union Hill Road. Check out the progress of the potatoes, corn, soybeans and grass. Look for llamas and horses and goats. Turn left at Meadow Road (also known as New Road) and enjoy the new pavement to the Stow Store. Load up on goodies there and take them with you back over Meadow Road, back to Union Hill where you hang a left and head out (and gradually up) and over (bearing right at forks in the road) to the Kezar Lake Narrows.

Just before the steel lattice bridge at the Narrows and before the snack shop at the Narrows is a narrow road leading to a shady narrow picnic area on the narrow part of the lake. Porta potties are there, too (narrow ones, likely..).

Return is is by Christian Hill Road to Lovell and then a short ride on Route 5 to Shave Hill Road and back onto Harbor Road to the parking area.Be sure to stop and enjoy the views before dropping down into Lovell.

Total ride is 30 miles including the spur to The Stow Store.

Shorter option? Just do the route as mapped to the Stow Store and return by heading south on Rt 113 for about a 16 mile ride that is very flat for around here.

Be ready to ride at the parking area at 9:00 am (may be some fog early in the morning, but otherwise a perfect day is predicted!!!!


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shady Ride for a Hot Day

Thursday, July 8th

Last week we had blue sky, black sky, sun, rain ,drizzle, cold and damp, pleasant and sunny. We did not have snow, nor did we have sweltering heat. So this week, looks like we get the heat.

So, I am thinking about a ride that starts early in the morning, has a lot of shade and has opportunities for a dip in the water to cool off.

The old favorite standby ride should work -- West Side Road to Passaconaway to the Kanc. It is 25 miles round trip to the Albany Covered Bridge and 31 miles round trip to Rocky Gorge. There are lots of opportunities to cool off in the river!

Meet in the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway off River Road.

Ready to ride at 8:00 am

Hopefully we will be done with the ride before it gets too hot!!!!