Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Lovely Lovell Loops 9:00 am YES, Let's gp for it

Thursday, August 9, 2018

UPDATE as of 7:30 am Thursday:  The radar suggests that we could do fine with our relatively short morning ride.  Most of the activity is to our north and south.  Let's go for it, see you at 9:00.

Some forecasts indicate morning t-storms ONLY at 9:00 am, others indicate t-storms at every hour EXCEPT 9:00 am. Quite a conundrum for me as I deal with my welcome back to the Lower 48.  With the scattered nature of the storms and showers going through our area over these last few days, anything can happen.

It is therefore obvious that I set the time for us to meet at 9:00 and we will see what happens. If the weather looks bad out the window in the morning, and the radar indicates a storm on the way, the ride will be cancelled or postponed. I will post here if need be.

Lovely Lovell Loops

This is a newly designed ride thanks to Connie. A few weeks ago, Connie, Denise and I went out to give it a try. It is a great ride, hilly but not too hilly, quiet roads with lots of NEW PAVEMENT! Smooth black velvet! It is not a long ride so we should be able to get it done before any afternoon showers.  Short in mileage, but long on workout and scenery.

Start at the park next to the North Fryeburg Saco Valley Fire Station (corner or Route 113 and South Chatham Road). Park away from the fire station, leave that area open for the firefighters.

We head out on Harbor Road all the way to Lovell, then go up Christian Hill Road, head out by Ebenezer's Restaurant and then cross Route 5. We go up Old Waterford Road and do a scenic quiet but thrilling loop on Eastman Hill and Old Stage Road. Return is back by Ebenezar's, but then we head out to the Kezar Lake Narrows for a lakeside lunch and/or ice cream break and maybe a swim. Head back via Shave Hill (sometimes called Swamp Road, now newly paved!) and Harbor Road.

This is a 24 mile ride. It can be lengthened if the weather forecast allows us to add in Fish Street/MacNeil or MacNeil, up Fish, down Cornshop.

Here is the map:

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Evans Notch from Shelburne Village and North Road 9:00 am

Thursday, August 2, 2018

I will not be able to join you this week, but here is a great ride that is mostly in the shade for a good warm day ride option. I will presume that there will be many riders who know this route well and can easily lead the way and help out any newcomers.

To make the ride a bit different, start in Shelburne Village instead of the usual Hogan Road/North Road parking area near the dam. By starting in Shelburne, you will cut out about 3 miles and 2 tough hills at the end of the ride. You add a mile of flat scenic farmland, the river, perhaps a horse and a donkey that will want to join in, not a bad exchange. 

The ride goes over RR tracks and the Androscoggin River as we ride about 1 mile to North Road, takes a right turn at the triangle and then out about 5 miles to the iron bridge, crosses the river again and goes to Route 2. Take a right and ride a short distance on a wide shoulder on Route 2, then take the left onto the road up Evans Notch (Rt 113). 

Some will ride up to a small bridge for a nice, easy, gradual route upriver. After the small bridge, the steeper climb to the top begins. Some will climb to the top. Either way is a spectacular ride, and you can regroup down the river at the new bridge (where Irene took out the suspension bridge) for a snack on some shady rocks. Return to the cars by reversing the route. 

Mileage: About 32 if you do the whole ride to the top of Evans Notch, about 28 if you go to the bridge just before the climb goes from gradual to steep. 

Shorter option?  Start at the iron bridge for a really nice 18 mile ride. 

Time:  Ready to ride at 9:00 am in Shelburne Village. 
If you want to start at the iron bridge, look for riders coming across it at about 9:25-9:35. 

Meeting place and parking: Start from Shelburne Village, just off Meadow Road (a left turn off of Route 2 about 5 miles east from the route 16/2 junction in Gorham). After turning left into Meadow from Route 2 take a quick right onto Village Road. Take a left into the park and park on the left off the dirt pathway on the grass.  Meadow Road joins North Road at that grassy triangle intersection close to the Philbrook Inn. 

If you want to carpool, meet in Jackson, in the parking lot across the street from the J-Town Deli at 8:10 am.

Here is a map: