Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

Can you choose a Different Day?
(but not Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday...)

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Ride Cancelled, again.

Again, all the forecasts seem to agree on rain for this Thursday, again. The exact timing of the rain is difficult to determine, but I think it is just not worth trying to plan a ride.

I really hope for good weather for next Thursday - the foliage should be peak, and we are going to ride in it!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Once Again, Weather Cancels the Ride

I am disappointed to cancel the ride yet again. Looks like the weather will be wet for the next few days (week?)... but it will be warm...

I hope everyone has been out to enjoy the beautiful, sunny, early fall-like days over the past week or two. Unfortunately these great days have not been in sync with the group bike ride schedule so far this September.

Let's hope for spectacular weather once this slow moving low pressure system finally exits!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday, September 15

RIDE CANCELLED due to the drizzle and expected rain.

See you next week for a good ride!!

West Side Road-Passaconaway Road, Rocky Gorge 9:30

I am sorry to be posting the ride so late. I just got in the door, returning from riding the Route Verte in Quebec...A Great Place to Ride!

Since I am not sure of the weather situation here, how about a local ride again - just the usual on West Side Road to Passaconaway, and, if the weather is OK, ride up to Rocky Gorge. To the bridge and back is about 24 miles. To Rocky Gorge it is about 30 miles.

Let's meet at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn at 9:30 (it might be cool in the morning), ready to ride.

Monday, September 5, 2011

North Conway, Intervale and Jackson Loop 9:00 start

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I am away this week, so I am setting up the ride hoping that the weather is OK on Thursday. I am keeping the ride close to home just in case. It has lots of options.

Meet at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway, ready to ride at 9:00 am. I ask that those of you who have done this ride or parts of this ride to lead the others.

This ride explores local roads in North Conway, Intervale and Jackson for a nice loop. Start by riding through North Conway to Cranmore and take Old Bartlett Road to the North end of Kearsage Road, then take a left and quick right onto Intervale Cross Road to Route 16. There, turn right and right again onto Route 16A.

As an option for a nice ride along the river, turn up Town Hall Road for awhile and turn back when it gets steep and/or turns to dirt. I have heard that the river came out of it's banks during Irene - use caution.

Return to Intervale Road and then go up Dundee Road to Jackson, coming down near Black Mt Ski area, then down to Carter Notch Rd, then stop to snack at Jackson Falls. The downhill ride continues down route 16 back to Beautiful Downtown Glen where you turn left and return to North Conway via Route 16 and Route 16A. So you wonder about Dundee Rd? Do it only if it is not harmed by Irene. Perhaps someone knows if it is OK? Yes, it has a stiff climb -- not long - but it is walkable and well worth the effort. This is a fabulous ride, and some walking on some dirt is part of the deal. The ride down from the top of Dundee, past Black Mountain and over to Carter Notch Road all the way back to the car is really scenic and you will smile all the way. If Dundee is not OK, you can go to Jackson via Thorne Hill Road. It's another good workout.

Return by Route 16 and Route 16A to the Eastern Slope Inn. The total distance is 28 miles.