Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ammonusuc Waterfalls 8:30 am start

Thursday, July 27th, 2015

Looks like the weather will be good in the morning before the heat builds up and the thunderstorms arrive mid afternoon.

Let's do an early start to get a ride in before the heat builds up: 8:30 am ready-to-ride.

This ride is relatively short in mileage but big on scenery and attractions, and is a good work out, too. It includes panoramic Presidential views, the Cog Railroad (if we decide to climb up to the station), Upper and Lower Ammonusuc Falls. We eat snacks on the rocks next to the Lower Ammonusuc Falls.

Start at the Eisenhower Wayside Park which is on the right side of Route 302 a couple of miles after passing through Crawford Notch. We ride back up the notch to Mt Clinton Road getting that climb over while it is still cool. We could climb up to the Cog Railroad or just enjoy the downhill cruise, stopping to look at Upper Ammonusuc Falls. We then ride out to the Twin Mt 4 corners and stop to enjoy the Lower Ammonusuc Falls. As a different twist, we could ride up the Zealand Road along the river, out and back. It is paved for a short distance then is hard packed dirt. We can choose options depending on the heat and the sky.

Start:  8:30 am at the Eisenhower Wayside Park

Total distance: approximately 25 miles; with longer options.

Carpool:  Attitash parking lot, far end, 7:45 am.

Here is a map:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Don't Yank the Crank" 9:30 am start in Bethel

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

"Don't Yank the Crank" 

 Bethel to Bryant Pond, Maine.
 Looks like the weather will be great for a ride by the beautiful woods, farms and lakes of Maine!
This ride will take us from Bethel to Bryant Pond, the site of last hand-cranked telephone exchange in the USA. This little town is also famous for a 3-story outhouse. It also has a convenience store, a larger-than-life telephone monument and great lakeside dining.

But Wait... there's more!!!

The ride is nice and quiet, along the Androscoggin River (essentially a continuation of the North Road experience), fields, farms and forest plus shore side riding on North Lake in Locke Mills. No Notches! This will be a welcome relief from the traffic and noise around the Mt. Washington Valley in tourist season.

This ride starts out of the riverside park in Bethel -- the picnic destination on the North Road ride. The first 12 miles follows Intervale Road which parallels the Androscoggin River as it flows north towards Rumford. We turn east towards Bryant Pond, go through the village, try to find that famous outhouse, pay our respects at the Hand Crank Telephone Monument, then go to the lake for our picnic lunch. The return is by North Pond in Locke Mills, then by East Bethel Road (look for some interesting sculptures on the left), then back to the cars via Intervale Road.

The ride will start at 9:30 am at the Bethel town park on the Androscoggin River at the intersection of the bike path and Route 26 (where we always eat lunch on the North Road Ride).

Drive to Bethel via Route 2 and take a right on Bridge Street, at the flashing light (soon before crossing the bridge over the Androscoggin). Drive about 0.5 mile to the park, on the left at the stop sign.

Ride distance is 40 miles.   Ready to ride at 9:30 am!!

If you want carpool, meet at the Jackson Ski Touring/Wentworth Golf Club parking area across the street from the J-Town Deli at 8:15 am. Otherwise, see you in Bethel!

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Here is some info on Bryant Pond:
"Bryant Pond achieved some national fame and media attention beginning in the mid-1970s when its family-owned Bryant Pond Telephone Company became the last hand-crank telephone exchange in operation in the United States. When in 1981 the local company, operating from a two-position magneto switchboard in the living room of owners Barbara and Elden Hathaway, was purchased by the Oxford County Telephone & Telegraph Company, a nearby larger independent company. A movement called "Don't Yank The Crank" was organized by David Perham and Brad Hooper in a valiant but futile effort to keep their beloved crank phones. The effort was not ultimately successful, and the last "crank" calls took place on 11 October 1983, when a modern dial exchange was placed in service."

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

West Side Road, Passaconaway and Rocky Gorge 9:00 am

Thursday, July 16, 2016

The weather forecast for Thursday looks great for you and for those of us on the Erie Canal Trail!

This week how about the classic ride up Passaconaway and the Kanc to Rocky Gorge.

Meet at the public parking lot behind the Eastern Slope Inn in North Conway, ready to ride at 9:00 am.

The total mileage is about 30 for the out and back. Cut it shorter by turning back at the Albany Covered Bridge for about 24 miles.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

North Road: Shelbourne to Bethel, 9:00 am

Thursday, July 9, 2015 

Looks like good weather for Thursday! How about heading up to Bethel via North Road? It should be a fine time to do it with good shade and no traffic. 

To make the ride a bit different, start in Shelbourne Village instead of the usual Hogan Road parking area. It cuts out some miles, cuts out a few sharp climbs at the end, and adds a nice ride on a quiet road with nice views. I have 2 house guests from CA joining us for this ride!!

Start: ready to ride at 9:00 am. 

Total Mileage, about 35. 

To get to the parking area take Route 16 north to Gorham, hang a right on Route 2, go about 4.5 miles. Take a left into Shelbourne Village, (might be signed as Meadow Road) then very shortly afterward take a right into the tiny village. Park in the playing field/ballpark on the left side of the road (via a dirt driveway).

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Wonalancet Loop... On New Pavement!

Thursday, July 2, 2013

Not only does the weather look good for The Wonalancet Loop, the pavement looks good , too!  In a forever search of new pavement, we have found Nirvana! What a difference it is to ride on smooth black velvet! Let's go ride it now while it is pristine! 

Distance: 30 miles

Meeting place: Parking lot at McDonald's and Tram Store (old Mt. Whitter ski tram station) located on the east side of the junction of Route 16 and route 25 in West Ossipee.
From Conway, drive south on Route 16 to the traffic light at the 16/25 junction. Go straight at the light, then turn left into the parking lot for the McDonald's and Tram Store. Park on the right side of the lot, where we will not interfere with the McDonald's customer parking.

Meeting time: Ready to ride out of the Tram parking lot at 9:00 am. From Glen it is a 27 mile drive, from Conway Village it is a 16 mile drive.

Carpool: For the Glen/Jackson folks, carpool out of the Grants parking lot at 8:00 am.
Terrain: Farms, fields, forests, mountain views, marshland, horses, goats, churches, stone walls, riverside riding, etc, etc. Part of the ride will be on the road designated as The Chinook Trial (route 113A from Tamworth to Wonalancet). Chinook was a famous sled dog:
Some flat riding at the start, a wonderful downhill at the end, which means that in the middle there are short steep rolling hills and moderate hills that will burn calories so that you can enjoy your lunch with ice cream at the...

...Food Stop: The Other Store in Tamworth Village (at ~mile 24). Bring your own or get a nice lunch and/or ice cream here and eat at the picnic tables in the back of the store by the brook. 

Here is the ride map:

ALSO, here is info on the Saturday Ride, the 4th of July BARTLETT PARADE. This year you can BE IN THR PARADE, or can just be a spectator. Bring the family-- on bikes, in wagons, scooters! I have arranged an entry for the Bike Cub to ride, well, maybe "March" with our bikes in the parade. Check out the Bike Club website calendar for details. 

In summary, meet at the Attitash parking lot, far end away form the lifts, at 8:30 am. We will ride to Bartlett Village, taking a short detour in 2 places so that we can take a peek at the future site of the Bartlett Recreation/Bike Path! If you are bringing little kids that cannot ride the 3 miles into the village, drive into the village and park off of River Road, perhaps on the other side of the river. 

We will line up for the parade at 9:15 in the baseball field in Bartlett Village. Judging of the floats and decorations occurs here, it should be a hoot. The parade starts at 10:00. Bring the grandkids! Decorate your bikes! You or your grandkids could win that best decorated bike contest! Wear Red, White, Blue! We will have the MWV Bicycling Club Banner to carry! This parade is a gem, a small town spectacle, if you have never witnessed this, it is worth every minute. Enjoy the strawberry shortcake made by the church folks afterwards!  A lap of River Road is a good cool - down from the parade excitement, and lets 302 clear of the traffic before we return to our cars.