Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Thursday Kayak and 4th of July Parade info

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

With 95 degree temperatures and sunshine, it will just be TOO HOT to bike. Instead, let's take to the lake and kayak or canoe instead.  Frank has offered a lake adventure for us. His yard is near a boat launch on the north end of the lake (Kennett Beach). He has parking for our cars at his house at the north end of Silver Lake in Madison.

Let's meet at the kayak launch at 8:30 am, ready to launch. This should allow us some hours on the lake before the heat gets too much for enjoyment. This means you need to get there earlier to unload your boat and then bring your car back to Frank's driveway for parking (there is no parking at Kennett Beach, but Frank lives next to the park).

Directions to the kayak/canoe launch:

From Conway Village, at the traffic light, zero your odometer. Take route 16 south, then soon after the Subaru dealership take a left onto Route 113 to Madison. Follow route 113 south. As you near Madison Village, 113 will curve sharply to the right. Pass the elementary school, town hall, keep going, Frank's house is on the left on a little hill at about 8 miles. After his house, on the left, you will see the lake and you will cross a small bridge over a stream. Take a left into Kennett Beach after the bridge. This is about 8.2 miles from Conway Village.  Unload your boat and gear, then take your car to Frank's house to park. Try to be ready to launch at 8:30 am.

Bring swim gear, a hat, sunscreen, long sleeved shirt, lots of water and some food to enjoy while paddling. Helpful hints: Long-fingered bike gloves work great to protect from blisters and keep the sun off your hands.  Long length shorts or a towel to cover the top of your thighs so they don't sunburn while paddling.

4th of July Parade info:


"Can you let people know that the time for Conway parade was changed to 1:30, not 1:00. Anyone who wants to march with the rec group should show up at Hillside Avenue around 1:00."

Information on the BARTLETT 4th of July Parade, marching with the Bicycling Club Banner:  Same routine as in the past:

If you have never been to the Bartlett 4th of July Parade, it is worth a trip. What a hoot!! It drips with small town charm. Lots of fire trucks (bring ear plugs...), old cars and "floats". Politicians and Miss Mt. Washington Valleys in tiaras perched in convertibles. It starts at 11:00. This is a big deal --- they actually close Route 302 for this event, causing a huge 4th of July traffic jam of confused, surprised and cranky tourists (and locals). But the show must go on! 

Best way to see this spectacle is by bike. Meet at the Attitash parking lot at 9:45 am, ready to ride, at the far west end of the lot, away from the lifts, in the shade. We can ride over to Bartlett Village before Route 302 turns into a linear parking lot of annoyed drivers. After the parade, get a bowl full of strawberry shortcake made by the church ladies and gents. 
By then the traffic should clear for our return to our cars at Attitash. 

Meet at 9:45 am, ready to ride at Attitash. I have some red white and blue bling for you for decoration.

Information on the CONWAY 4th of July parade, marching with the Recreation Path Banner. Parade starts at 1:00 pm. Information below from Jill at the Gibson Center:

“July 4th parade information for Conway 2018

Update from Sally McMurdo,  on Tuesday July 3rd:

Can you let people know that the time for Conway parade was changed to 1:30,not 1:00.Anyone who want sto march with the rec group should show up at Hillside Avenue around 1:00.

The parade will run from Hillside Ave (near covered bridges) to the Kennett Junior High School, and floats will dismantle by HAM Arena.
The parade starts at 1PM and will last for 20 minutes (that is all the time we are allowed since it is a State Road)   
People are welcome to line up, starting at noon.  But don’t wait in line too long without keeping cool, we don’t need anyone passing out (as has happened in the past).  All floats and vehicles need to be in place by 12:30.

We are allowed to hand items to people along the way, but not allowed to just throw stuff that might cause people to run into the street.

The Community Outreach Committee is planning on marching/riding, etc. in the Conway 4th of July parade to promote the Rec Path. We're looking for people of all ages and abilities to be in the parade behind our banner.
It'd be fun for people to" dress up" as rec path users- runners, walkers, bird watchers, roller skiers,  snow shoers (carrying their shoes of course), dog walkers,,  people with carriages, wheelchairs and the like. Bring a group and come join us! The more the merrier!”

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