Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ski out and back on Sawyer River Road 10:00 am

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

The ski season continues. Let's do an adventure up Sawyer River Road. A friend did this a few days ago and said it was excellent. Everything has been excellent lately!  Tee-shirt skiing!!!

With the warm temperatures and today's rain, the choices of where to ski get a bit more challenging. Considering the deep snow in the woods (3 to 4 feet at the top of Bear Notch Road and the top of Prospect and the Hall Trail) I think this rain could not have erased our chance of a good ski! We will try to ski out to the Swift River (next to the Kanc) or Rob Brook Road for a slightly shorter goal.

Meet at the parking area in the woods at the start of Sawyer River Road, which intersects from the LEFT on Route 302 almost immediately after the 4th Iron Bridge parking and camp area (which is on the right). This is about 4 miles west of the blinking light at Bear Notch Road in Bartlett Village.  Snowmobiles use Sawyer River Road so the snow is well-packed and groomed out for us.

10:00 meeting time, ready to ski. Bring lunch, beverage, sunscreen.

If for some reason we do not like the conditions on Sawyer River Road, we will return to Bear Notch Road and enter the snowmobile trails in the Experimental Forest, skiing up to the top of Bear Notch Road, then back down via the road. If we cannot bike it, we might as well ski it!

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